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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pauly1, Oct 12, 2014.

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    Sep 13, 2013
    I know someone that purchased an iphone 6 and they bought it with a 2 year plan with verizon. They paid $200 for the phone as oppose to buying it separately for $700 or so as im told and would thus get a monthly plan. They said it was like this. Buy unlocked iphone 6 for $700. Then pay around $50 a month for tmobile on those monthly plan. Thus 2 years would be $700+$1200=$1900.

    But with verizon, it would be $200 for the phone and each month the monthly cost that person was told it would be $60 before tax. The person had thought it would be like 10 percent tax similar to how tmobile is. Such as 50 dollar mean 55 after tax or 45 dollar mean 50 dollar after tax. They when purchasing the phone at the store was also told they could get a 20 percent monthly discount because they worked at a place where they get a discount as well. So the person calculated that even if they don't get the monthly discount, they would be paying $200 + $66x24 months = $1784. So basically saving $100 more as oppose to just buying the phone and staying with tmobile and not doing the contract. They also figure if they get 20 percent off monthly, then it would be $60-20%+Tax which is like $53 or so. Thus they would be paying $200+ $53x24 months =$1272 thus they would save $600 going with verizon as oppose to tmobile.

    My initial thought was... assuming they don't get the 20 percent discount, isn't this almost always a bad idea since the unlocked phone when you sell it will be worth much more than the locked verizon phone? Also, you wouldn't be in a contract and you could cancel anytime? They told me they weren't concerned with the resell value but shouldn't that be pretty important? Can someone tell me 2 years from now, how much would the iphone 6 cost approximately if it was unlocked vs locked to a carrier such as verizon? Also are certain iphones locked to certain carriers cost more than others? I believe locked phones like virgin mobile cost much less than every other carrier. Does that mean locked att phones cost more than verizon?


    Anyways, whats the price differential usually between an unlocked vs locked phone? The phone is a iphone 6 and 16gb.

    Also the person told me they are upset b/c they found out the total monthly price isn't going to be $60 plus tax which is $66. They said that person said tax depends on lot of things and apparently they said the monthly cell bill with verizon will cost $78. Does anyone know if that number is true or not and how they arrive to that number? I would have thought taxes for a phone for a 1 year or 2 year contract thus if its 50 dollars a month... shouldn't it be same like 5 dollar tax similar to those prepaid plans like tmobile or straight talk etc?

    Because right now if its $78 a month, then it would be $200 + $78 X 24 months which comes to $2072. Which means the 2 year contract with iphone cost $200 more? Im confused but shouldn't 2 year contracts make the total cost for 2 years cheaper or its suppose to cost more? Also, assuming there was no 20 percent discount, it was a $200 different of buying unlocked iphone or 2 year contract with verizon locked phone. But isn't unlocked vs locked already worth $150 at least? Would like to know the approximiate number.

    Does anyone know anything about that 20 percent discount? That person that worked at the store said hey since you work at that place, you get a 20 percent discount. But right now they aren't even sure they are going to get that discount.
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    Go on eBay and look at prices. How can we tell the price two years from now. The difference in price is arbitrary and not really that much. There is no specific number that can be quoted.
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    The 20% is likely corporate discount. As for taxes, yeah, it could go that high. Depending on where your friend lives, phone taxes could be anywhere from 15-25% of the wireless service charge. The how, you'd have to research federal, state, county and local (municipality, city, etc) taxes on your own. :p

    Prepaid usually only charges the E911 fees so that's likely the reason tax on T-Mobile is lower.

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