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    Dec 9, 2009

    I'm currently a first time owner to the iPhone, my iPhone was activated by Orange when I purchased in shop. On getting home I was advised to download iTunes to my laptop (vista) which I have done and most of my music has be coverted to iTunes. I have a few queries/problems that I have been experiencing and it would be much appreciated to have some further views and intel on these.

    I visited iTunes after download, and have registered with apple id and password etc...In iTunes Help section with regards to iPhone syncing it says once iPhone is connected the iTunes will load and go to file and select sync iPhone to allow me to select my phone - after several tries this isn't happening? In FILE the 'sync iphone' is not highlighted - is there anyway to do this manually or a different way?

    Also after having these problems I disconnected my iphone from my laptop and it appeared to freeze - showing only a blank screen with the 'apple' logo in the middle, I scouted this forum for help with this and found I had to hold down the on/off switch + home button, I repeated this 5 times before the iphone decided to unfreeze and turn on?

    - Most of my music library has been converted - how can I go about continuing this?

    I believe that maybe I'm doing something wrong if anyone can help on either of these too issues it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Apologies if this is obvious: but you are using the USB cable to connect your laptop/iPhone? (Some assume - wrongly - that syncing uses WiFi.)

    Does your iPhone appear under "Devices" like this:


    Maybe it just needs charging for a while, if brand new?
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    The iPhone will show up in the frame the poster above showed. Once you have it there, you should get a screen in the middle of iTunes, which says your iPhone is new, would you like to setup as new or restore from a backup (or something to that affect). Since you don't have a backup yet, you'll setup as new. It'll give you the option to automatically sync your contacts, notes, calendars, bookmarks, applications and maybe one other that I'm forgetting. Once you do all that, you can then go thru all the tabs to sync other things like music and photos.

    Sometimes, the iPhone won't show up in the frame as the poster above showed. You might have to disconnect and reconnect the iPhone a number of times before it takes. Otherwise, something got messed up, and you should restore in DFU mode (see my sig for the link). After that, you can do what the I wrote in the above paragraph.

    BTW: The sync or apply button is in the lower right hand corner in iTunes.

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