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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by nope7308, Dec 7, 2010.

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    Ontario, Canada
    I'm thoroughly tired of my unresponsive and unreliable Samsung Instinct. I still have anywhere from 6-8 months left on my contract, so I'm looking to upgrade/renew sometime in 2011.

    1) As it stands, what is the rumoured release date for the iPhone 5? I've heard both early and mid 2011, but I haven't been following the rumours as of late.

    2) Concerning the iPhone itself, how does one determine whether to get 16GB or 32GB? I've never owned a smartphone, so I have no point of reference. I suspect that I will use the iPhone frequently for email, but not so much for browsing. I'll probably go crazy with apps, but I don't know how much space that will require.

    3) Concerning the data plan, would the bare minimum suffice? Again, having never owned a smartphone, I have no point of reference. I'm currently with Telus and I have the following plan:
    - 250 daytime minutes
    - free evenings/weekends
    - early evenings
    - call display/call forwarding/call waiting
    - voicemail 10
    - 75 long distance minutes

    I pay $20 a month including all fees/taxes (customer retention). Would Telus allow me to add the bare minimum data plan to my existing contract, or would I have to sign an iPhone specific contract? Assuming the bare minimum data plan is ~$15, could I find a better deal elsewhere?

    I realize most of you don't work for Telus, but I would appreciate any insights you may have.

    Thanks for reading!
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    1) I'll skip this one but aim for summer 2011 as per 'normal'

    2) Well you will need dome music. So look at your library size on your computer. Also you will prob take some pics.
    16gb is decent. But if you want to put a ton of pics, audio, video, and more then consider 32gb
    You can still go app crazy on a 16gb and still have space for hundreds of pics and songs

    3) You need to have data plan. I would speak to retentions. They will offer up a plan that suits your budget.
    If you get a data plan with several hundred mb's then you must rely on Wifi whenever possible. You can quickly use up that data by watching a few YouTube videos. But if you are a lite user the consider those small data plans instead of a 2gb plan. Esp if you have wifi everywhere you go, no need to spend the extra on data if you don't use it
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    Aug 14, 2010
    6-8 months left? Sweet, you'll be at the door of the new iphone "5" announcement come July 2011 just when your contract ends,

    yes you can indeed dump a bare minimum 25 dollar 500 mb data plan onto your current contract, perhaps they will give you a discount on the data if you resign with your current plan and what not

    I've the 16 gigs, its currently got about 1 gig of apps on it, and 6 gigs of music, thats the biggest hog for me, the music. but YMMV. Ask your buddies who have iphones, see what takes up the most space for them.

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