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Oct 19, 2007
I am getting an iphone for x-mas and have a couple of questions.....sorry iif this has been posted, 'm new here.

1) Is there going to be a 1-2 day delay for me to activate my phone ???? I am coming from Sprint and will want to use my same #. I just want to know if I will be without a phone on x-mas.

2) Also, my Sprint contract is up on 12/24, and ATT said that they won't get me out of my contract because it's less than 6 months away..... so do any of you know if I will be able to activate my iphone right on 12/24 or will i have to wait for anything to finish with sprint??????

Sorry again. I have been with sprint for like 8-9 years now or something so it's been awhile since i have switched companies....



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Jun 7, 2006
I understand that this isnt everyones idea of fun, but i say: UNLOCK, use a sprint sim (if you can) keep your contract sim in your iPhone... and just loose visual voicemail, you will be playing with your iPhone on christmas day.

(i am from the UK, and don't know if Sprint even use SIM tech, so please forgive me if i am wrong)


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Oct 14, 2005
No, Sprint uses CDMA, so the GSM iPhone wouldn't work.

There's usually not a huge delay in porting numbers. Your iPhone is initially activated with a temporary AT&T number, so during the porting process, you can still use the phone, ... it's just that people you call might see your temporary number until the port is totally complete.

As soon as you port your Sprint number, you essentially close your Sprint account. If you close your account before your contract is over, they'll probably charge you with an early termination fee. So just make sure your contract is over before you port it. AFAIK, there's nothing that Sprint has to do before you can port your number.

Call AT&T and see if they charge any fees for porting your number over later. If they don't, you can activate your iPhone before the 24th and use it with the temporary phone number. Set your Sprint phone up to forward all calls over to your iPhone while you're waiting for your contract to end. When your Sprint contract is over, then call AT&T and have them port your number for you. We do this all of the time where I work, but some carriers charge a token fee to do that, and others don't. (And I don't remember which ones do) .. :)


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Jun 9, 2007
Wow, don't suggest to lock someones phone when it isn't needed.

It's people like that that made it 100x harder for people to jailbreak the phone.


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Apr 25, 2007
Dallas, TX
The iphone is activated through iTunes, not through the AT&T store or an Apple retail store. So AT&T and Sprint have no idea of your intentions until the day you plug in the phone to your computer. So as long as you don't do that until 12/24, you're golden.

I think this is essentially what aristobrat said but I wanted to clean it up because I wasn't sure if you were not using/receiving the phone until Christmas Day.


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Aug 28, 2007
San Francisco California, USA
Sprint switchover to AT&T iPhone...

with your ported number should be as fast as it takes you to activate the phone on iTunes. The only problem would be "when" your phone number is released by Sprint. AT&T acitvation via iTunes will walk you through the steps to determine if your phone number can be ported or not. Since iPhone activation via iTunes doesn't really take holidays off, you should be "good to go!" You might even give AT&T Wireless a call and get "the skinny" from them, they won't charge you for the phone call, and I'm certain they want your business. Everything is riding on when Sprint releases your phone number! :cool:


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Oct 18, 2007
I dont think it wil be too bad. When I switched from Sprint to ATT my phone was activated within the hour. Itunes setup went really smooth and then I had a message on my iphone saying it was awaiting activcation from ATT (or somthing like that) and sure enough. it was activated. I just left it on my desk and went to microcenter for a while just to kill time. If I had stayed home awaiting activation, it would of killed me.
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