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    Since you can't (not yet) delete the radio from iPhone how can I clean out all the non active stations and make sure the radio dosen't start on it's own. I'm and old timer and remember what radio stations were really like. Now it's nothing but cheap tiny mp3's playing on and on and on. iOS 8.1.2
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    The nice thing about ITunes Radio is you set up your own stations, for whatever music you want to listen to. Let's say ( since I don't know you) Frank Sinatra. In the search window .. Enter his name.. They will play Sinatra and music like his.. I have shown my mom the same feature and she loves it.. She did Johnny Cash.. It works well. You might love it. Don't mind helping you set it up if you wanna try.
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    I could not agree more! This is my FAV feature of iTunes Radio! I've found all kinds of awesome music by just using the search for random things and created some awesome stations as a result. Plus I have iTunes Match so no commercials. If you end up helping him, be sure to show him how to fine tune the station by using the "never okay this song again", "play more like this" and then in the info tab the slider to tune for hits, mix, or discovery, I use all those tools and they really really help the overall experience and to tune the station to your tastes better.

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