iPhone rain damaged?


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Jun 19, 2010
I pulled my iPhone out in light rain earlier, a sprinkle must have fell into the headphone jack. For the last hour my iPhone thought headphones were plugged in... I panicked and tried plugging in headphones etc, to try and remedy it but nothing worked...

I sat it inside some rice for an hour along with one of those silica gel packets I found in a box and it works fine now... but I'm worried if this could be some permanent damage... the water sensor is still white though, so I'm glad about that.

I think I will buy some plugs for the headphone socket now for when not in use...


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Oct 14, 2007
San Jose, Ca
For future reference, I recommend you purchase one of these (Headphone jack cap and a USB cap)

Keeps moisture and pocket lint from building up and ruining your device. You can order them online really cheap or find a stand inside the mall that sells them (most/some do).

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