iPhone rates/charges in Mexico?

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    After a year of drooling over my iPhone, my co-worker has finally caved in and is ready to leave his service provider and join us all in happy iPhone owner land. However, he lives in Tecate, Mexico. He works in San Diego and is here most of the time but is at home usually in the evening and weekends. I know that he can turn off data roaming on the iPhone and then use WiFi for those such things. But his other question is what about receiving/making calls or receiving/sending texts? He said he doesn't necessarily need to make or receive calls when in Tecate but he'd like to send/receive texts at least. Does anyone know if this is possible without his rates being outrageous?
    Any advice, help, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks a bunch (c:
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    Here is a link to the plans for an iPhone for Baja California, Mexico from TelCel. Even if he turns roaming off, I am pretty sure he will still be able to receive and reply to text messages and answer/make calls. He should have international coverage from AT&T in Tecate, BC, Mexico if he goes with AT&T. It would be smart because the charges from TelCel are outrageous, even in Pesos.

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    I just got off the phone with AT&T, inquiring about Mexico plans. I added a $4.99 mexico calling plan, which lowers my mexico calling rates to $.59/minute. The lady on the phone told me that, since I have unlimited text messages, I will be able to receive free text messages while in mexico, but it will cost $.50 each to send. (That's pretty cool that it's still free to receive)...

    Yeah, tell your buddy to turn his data off while in Mexico, and use WIFI at home.

    Another option would be to get an iphone, unlock it, then use a Mexico-carrier's sim on the weekends or if he is on vacation for long periods of time in mexico.

    Another option for txt's is to use a third-party text relay service. I know there are some free apps available, but not sure of the quality of them, or what they are called.

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