iPhone remotely erased without permission

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    Sep 11, 2013

    Earlier I took out my iPhone (3G - sold my 5 recently to be ready for the 5S), and while just browsing it suddenly shutdown, and restarted, at the very beginning - new phone setup screen. All data erased.

    Later I checked my email on my PC, and had received an email from Find My iPhone telling me the data is being erased. I never requested that, and to make it more weird, it says that the erasing started December 25th 2012... 9 months ago?!

    Is this a bug? A hack?

    It's not jailbroken - to get that out the way.

    In addition, after switching to the 3G recently, I did an iCloud backup of all data on my 5. Well that data does not exist on the iCloud...

    What is going on?:confused::(
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    outer space
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    Before selling your phone, did you:

    1. Sign out of iMessage & iCloud?

    2. Wipe your phone back to factory settings?

    3. Remove your old SIM?

    4. Disassociate the phone from your account?

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