iPhone requires service message


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Jul 18, 2002
West By God VA
Yesterday while driving around the outskirts of Boston, I had my iPhone plugged into my belkin car charger and had google maps app running. All of a sudden my iPhone reported that dialing was restricted or somthing like that and then I got the message saying that my iPhone required service. The battery had very little charge when I saw this message. Anyone else see this? I charged it up afterwards and have had no issues since.


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Jul 21, 2002
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The iPhone 3G, unlike previous iPhones, doesn't charge via the FireWire charging method which a lot of in-car docks used. It's possible that the phone automatically put itself into airplane mode, which happens when a special chip that goes in newer accessories (from manufacturers who can afford to get the 'Made for iPod' certification!) isn't detected. Had you used your iPhone with that dock previously to this happening? If not, it's probably some combination of what I mentioned. :)