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  1. gemils macrumors newbie

    May 15, 2009
    I work in an office with a couple of guys who have started using their iPhones for business. Everything seems to be fine most of the time, but lately we have been seeing a lot of emails getting resent without the users intending it (or knowing about the issue).

    My director sent me three copies of a question (I thought that he was just being impatient while emailing from a meeting) last week, and last night one of my devs sent me eight copies of a very short email in the span of two hours. In talking to both of them, it sounds like this isn't the first time it has happened to them since hooking things up to Exchange (using webmail, I believe).

    Looking at the forum I have seen people saying that it is the fault of the various email services out there (Yahoo took a bit of a beating in one of the threads), but the fact that it is happening across multiple services makes me think that it is an issue with the phone (quite possibly only when on a spotty network). There was a stale thread that was almost entirely focused on how Yahoo probably screwed something up, so I am figuring that starting a new thread might help focus the issue to the larger context of issues with ANY email service resending messages.

    Anyone else seen this, and, more importantly, has anyone found a way to reduce or eliminate the number of times that this happens?

    G. Spargo
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    Jun 17, 2009
    resending email with photo attachment

    I have recently travelled from Australia to Europe with my wonderful new iPhone. I sent back happy snaps taken in the iPhone as attachments to email to friends in Aus. One lucky recipient sent a reply saying that whilst they enjoyed the photo, receiving it 18 times was a bit much!

    Having received my email account I now know that most emails with photo attachments were sent multiple times whilst no simple email (without attachment) was sent more than once


    Has any one else experienced this?

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