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Dec 18, 2002
I just had a funny experience. I was in a meeting and one guy in there suddenly reaches for his cellphone case, unzips it, and pulls out his cell just as the iPhone ringtone rings out. He gets up to take the call outside the meeting room and I think to myself, "now, how did he know his phone was going to ring...the iPhone can't be set to 'Vibrate, then ring'...unless that's a new feature I missed in the last update." As he gets outside the room, I see him through the glass flip open his phone to take the call. He doesn't have an iPhone after all, he just got ahold of the iPhone ringtone and put it on his cell.

Just a story I thought I'd share. Maybe Apple should charge for their standard ringtone as well :p


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Jul 13, 2007
San Diego, CA
Perhaps he heard the GSM interference first? I always know about 5 seconds before my phone rings because of the buzz in my computer speakers. As far as the ringtone, I didn't know that they were available sans hacking. Marimba?


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Jan 8, 2007
that's pretty funny. Half way through reading your thread though I did think of a way to accomplish that which you thought was impossible.

If you wanted to you could duplicate the iPhone ringtone and use and audio editor to insert about 5 seconds of silence before the sound.

Then use iToner to drop the ringtone into your iPhone.

This would effectively allow you time to feel the vibrate before the phone rings. Might actually be useful to do that now that i think of it.


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Aug 28, 2007
I have the Marimba ring-tone on my Moto and is always cool when it rings :D

Shame it's not the iPhone though :(


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Feb 6, 2007
You can send it to vibrate and ring, which sometime leads to vibrate THEN ring.
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