Iphone ringtones won't sync from PC

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  1. brooksagnew macrumors newbie

    Jun 10, 2011
    This is one of the most common design flaws in the IPhone. After weeks of pouring through thousands of threads and posts a dozen layers deep in google searches, the solution still has not been found. Ringtones cannot be sync'd from Itunes to the Iphone 3g.

    Ringtones can be bought, downloaded, and/or created and played in ITunes just fine. We figured out how to create the ringtone folder (the drag-and-drop method), and we figured out how to convert ringtones to M4r format (the desktop-rename-drag-to-ITunes method). They show up in the ringtones folder, and the sync boxes are all faithfully checked. Sync until the cooling fan blows, and you will still have the same old crappy ringtones that came with the IPhone.

    The simple joy of adding ringtones to the IPhone is not to be enjoyed by millions of owners. Any owner of Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, and Droid can do it seconds without any hacking skills at all. IPhone can't do it. Go figure.

    The person who figures out how to hack the IPhone where it will sync ringtones with a PC will be wealthy beyond measure. So, please please share this darkest most evasive secret with me. Just between you and me; how can Itunes ringtones sync from a PC to the IPhone?
  2. brooksagnew thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 10, 2011
    They said it could be done...but it cannot.

    This post has been copied to a dozen different MAC forums. Guess what? No solution.

    The IPhone does the most amazing things, and has certainly pushed the quality of smart phones beyond the envelope with its thin beauty and APP-mania, yet it cannot do the simplest thing that the cheapest prepaid phone can do. It cannot change its ringtone.

    What is the world coming to?
  3. Lenman macrumors newbie

    Dec 20, 2011
    Problem comes from recent iPhone 3 software upgrades

    Soon after I first purchased my iPhone 3GS, I downloaded a cool "Futurama" ringtone, even though I may have had to make one or two of those custom "drag-and-drop" workarounds back in the day...who knows, I don't remember.

    However, interestingly enough, about three weeks ago (maybe late November 2011?) I accepted and downloaded one of the more recent software upgrades to my iPhone 3GS, and as soon as I rebooted...ouch! My ringtone was gone--nowhere to be found--and I was back to receiving calls with a boring old "Marimba" ringtone. And now here I am, with another custom ringtone-in-hand (so to speak), nowhere to sync it, and venting about it on a mac forum.

    The main message here is that the workaround on the 3GS used to work (I enjoyed my goofy little custom ringtone for quite some time)--until a recent upgrade to the iPhone 3GS OS. This leads me to believe the inability was intentionally added in this (or a similar) recent software upgrade to the OS.

    I, too, agree that Apple products are exceptional, but their media selections ... well, they kinda suck...be they movies, music, or ringtones. What good is all the technology without the choice?

    Certainly not very consistent with Apple's core consumers' hipster-drivel about freedom and choice, now, is it?

    Can anyone shed some light about whether the iPhone 4 has this problem? If it doesn't, voila...we now have the main reason behind this scheme...don't we?! I wonder what the 5 can do...


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