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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Juggler9000, Sep 8, 2007.

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    I had trouble activating my iPhone this weekend, for a variety of reasons I won't go into. But it resulted in my chatting with an AT&T guy for quite a while this evening while he fixed my service. He informed me that the first weekend there were activation problems on 4-5% of the iPhones sold. I was a bit more interested by his information (which he said was from a manager) that they were about 30,000 short of 1 million units.

    Why this guy would know such information, I don't know. Is his information at all credible? I have no real reason to believe as much. I'm almost embarrassed to pass on such flimsy rumors, but hey, this is Mac Rumors, right? So we're all just here looking for some juicy gossip.

    So anyway, that's what I've got: some AT&T guy said they're 30,000 short of a cool million. If that is right, Jobs will almost certainly meet the goal of a million by the end of the quarter.

    And, BTW, the iPhone is amazing.
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    When I was at the Apple store the day after the price reduction, the sales rep says he had been selling around 15phones a day avarage during HIS shift.

    Considering each Apple store is moving around 50 phones a day, 180 stores, thats roughly 810,000 phones sold over 3months (90days)

    This does not at all include the 1400+ ATT stores. Assume around 5 sales avarage per store.

    I'd be very supprised if they sell less than 1.5mil this Q. I've must have seen about 50 iPhones in the last 5 days walking down the street, I know alot of friends who picked it up, sister, brother now got one.

    + when peoples contracts start to expire with their othe carriers, I can only see a spree of new orders. I'd say this will be within the next 6-12 months. I know alot of people holding off becuase of $200 termination fee they would be imposed.
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