iPhone Says no Sim while trying to activate after restore

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    Jul 9, 2010
    So, I have been having problems with my iPhone 3GS lately, A couple days ago I got "Restore Needed. iPhone Cannot Make or Recieve calls. Restore in iTunes http://apple.com/itunes" I was camping at the time so I could not restore. I turned off the iPhone and let it charge, Later I went back and turned it on, The iPhone thought It restored so It was at the activation Screen! I rebooted it and thinks seemed fine. Today however, My phone was fine for about 3 hours, later in the day it rebooted in to that screen again (while it was in my pocket) So I rebooted it and noticed no signal at all, I got 1 bar for a minute and nothing again! The iPhone Soon said "No Sim" when their was a sim card in it, I then restored it and got to the activation screen on my MacBook, It said no sim AGAIN, So I took it out and put it back in, Still nothing! So, Then while trying to type this my phone suddenly reboots (randomly) and I dont go through activation on my Mac. I got it restored from a backup and now is syncing everything back to it (apps and music). I have the message "Waiting for activation. This may take some time" But, I never went through activation on my mac, I dont know what to do, I got this iPhone in December, 2009, And have never had a problem with it. Right as I am typing this my iPhone Shuts down, When it is syncing! The iPhone Seems activated (No message on activation) and is syncing again, It says "no service" in the corner, But wifi is connected UPDATE: My Phone Keeps rebooting while syncing!!!!!!!

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