iPhone Screen: 5 Series vs. 7 Series


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Jun 9, 2007
I have 2 iPhones as some of you know. 1 has a 5 series screen, and the other has a 7 series screen.

Now, if i just had one iPhone, i wouldn't be able to tell if my screen was normal or not (never was before). It's almost like as if it's fading. I've had the 5 series iPhone since June 29th, but recently got the 2nd, 7 series iPhone. It's starting to kind of annoy me. Anyways, comparison:

7 Series on the left.

It isn't this bad in person (a little camera over exposure) but you can still tell.


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Sep 23, 2007
Interesting the colors do look sort of faded or washed out on the older iPhone, are you going to exchange the older iPhone for a newer one?


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Jun 25, 2007
central nj
The general idea on here is that the 5 series screens are far better than the 7 series. I really can not agree with that. I had a 7 series phone and it was replaced with a 5 series. When comparing the two screens I first realized how blown out of proportion the whole debate is...both screens are fine. Second, I honestly think the 7 series is better. The 5 is brighter, but in some instances represents colors too bright and contrast suffers. The 7 also displays blacks richer. But all in all, they are both fine....I thought this debate ended months ago.


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Jul 2, 2007
I kind of missed the whole debate and discussion, but does anyone know why there were two different screen versions???

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