iphone screen repair UK


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Aug 15, 2008
Norwich, UK
Consider DIY

can anyone reconmend a website in the uk. thanks
I smashed my screen last year, and went through all the options. Eventually decided to do it myself (as you can still send it someone if you get cold feet). Bought the screen off ebay for around £20 and followed instructions on Youtube (there are thousands!). You don't have to be very confident or competent (I'm neither) but as long as you have good light, the right screwdrivers and patience, and reasonably nimble fingers, it isn't difficult.



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Oct 16, 2007

I used that UKIpodrepairs last year and it was excellent!.Sent the phone away on the tuesday and got it back the thursday.The price seemed very reasonable and they kept the fully informed with everything e.g. when they received it when it was repair and when it was sent back to me.



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Oct 14, 2008
Midlands, UK
I run an independant iPhone/iPod repair shop in Birmingham and would like to offer my services. PM if you would like more details.

Alternatively, like tiptopp said you could try the repair yourself if it something simple that has been damaged such as the LCD. If the glass is damaged it can be more of a task to replace.
Also, watch out for cheap parts on eBay that are copies and not OEM. I deal with both types of parts and can guarantee the quality is vastly different.
Some people, however, don't mind the copies and are more than happy for me to use them on their phones.