IPhone SE Hotspot Not Working


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Sep 13, 2013
I previous used an iphone 4s for a while. Im on the internet a lot and sometimes my internet does go out and i need to use my iphone as my backup internet. I do this by turning on my cellular data and turning on personal hotspot. Then i connect to the wifi. the name of the wifi is pauly's iphone. I also had noticed if i connected my iphone 4s to my laptop, it would be connected via usb and would be like a wired connection like an internet.

I now use an iphone se and tried to do the same thing. My first issue that i encountered was when i tried to connect to the personal hotspot on my laptop, it says it could not connect. Also whats interesting is the name of this wifi connection is the same as my previous wifi connection on my iphone SE. Pauly's iphone. And also you are suppose to put the password in order to connect to this wifi connection on the laptop. Where is this located in... in windows 10? Im thinking the reason it doesn't connect to the wifi is because the Pauly's iphone is probably the wifi connection of my iphone 4s and not this one right? The reason is because when i connected my iphone se to my laptop, it did recognize it and i was connected to it via usb. It was a wired connection. The hotspot did work though but i had to connect it via ethernet.

Can someone tell me how i can fix this issue? where do i type my iphone se password into the wifi connections? When i connected my iphone se to my laptop, the connection that shows on the computer says NETWORK on it. So thats the name of the wifi connection for the iphone SE? Thanks.


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Apr 10, 2016
Try this:

On your Windows 10 laptop, go to Settings->Network & Internet->in the left hand column click on "Wifi". In the center you should see an option to manage known networks. Click on that. Hopefully Pauly's iphone shows up there. If it does, click on it and then click on "Forget". Then try again to have your laptop find the hotspot, and a box should show up there for you to type in the password. Hope that helps. :) When your laptop is looking for available wifi, it should find it as the name of your phone. You could also try changing the name of your new phone to something different than your old one, if you haven't already done so.
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Apr 7, 2016
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In addition, on your phone, go to:
settings > cellular > personal hotspot > change the password.
Make sure you use the same password when connecting the windows computer to your phone.
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