iPhone SE - lost all backups - help?

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    Aug 9, 2017

    I have an iPhone SE. My husband earlier downloaded the update for the BETA version of IOS which caused my phone to crash and give me the 'connect to iTunes' message. We couldn't get it to update so had to do a reset. No problem we thought as we can just restore it from the most recent backup. I couldn't log into iTunes straight away as i needed a code which i couldn't get until i could get back into my phone (brilliant!) but once the phone was restored i logged in.

    Anyway its now called my phone something different, and there are no back ups showing on itunes at all. I've even looked in the folders on Windows (I'm on windows 10) and there is nothing earlier than today.

    I know my phone has been backed up recently (OK not really recently) because i only got the SE a couple of months ago and did a back up from my 5C to move everything over to the new phone which worked fine. So it should definitely have that as the oldest thing. Also in my account under apps it shows my most recent purchase as 27/07/17? Anyone got any ideas? Currently i have lost everything on my phone apart from photos which i had backed up to the cloud but apparently nothing else [​IMG]
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