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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TikPandora, May 1, 2018.

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    May 1, 2018
    I am a recent Android convert. With the lowering price of the SE, I couldn't help but give the Apple train a ride as price has always been one of the things that kept me on the Android side of things. This is how I ended up buying a "like-new" iPhone SE on eBay for $144 shipped. Money is tight and I needed a new phone, so I was willing to go pre-owned over new even though I could have gotten a new one from Verizon for about $30 more after taxes. It still has Apple Care until July and is in completely flawless physical condition. No scratches, dents, the headphone jack and the lightning port are completely clean and free of any markings whatsoever. I had an iPod Touch about three years ago, and my memories of it and iOS in general are almost magical...and seemingly blinded by nostalgia goggles.

    So, where do the problems start? It doesn't involve any sort of connectivity. I get great LTE signal now that I got my SIM card situation fixed, the headphone jack works great as does the lightning port. The camera takes downright amazing photos in comparison to my budget Android phones of the past. Everything about how the phone "works" is completely as expected. My issues arise in the actual performance of the phone. It is variable at best. Animations sometimes seem to drop frames and stutter, scrolling in places such as the App Store and Music often seems quite jerky and not smooth whatsoever, and even sliding between home-screens (I have two) occasionally seems to make the UI "trip", as if half of the scrolling animation misses it's mark. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but I am an obsessive guy, and even with the relatively low price of the SE these days it still wasn't a cheap device to me by any means.

    This seems to occasionally extend into apps, little frame-rate drops and stutters seem to get mixed in here and there especially in, oddly enough, 2D games it seems like. When I launched Infinity Blade III it ran without a hitch.

    When i ran Antutu benchmark, it got around 150,000. Geekbench results were as expected as well This is what confuses me. I figured if something was messed up hardware-wise, it would show up in a benchmark. I completely wiped the phone, did a software re-install and set everything up without an iCloud backup, nothing seems to have helped.

    I absolutely love the phone. Besides the visual disturbances and frame rate issues, it is an absolute stellar performer, especially compared to similarly priced Android devices. But my obsessive nature won't let me get over the thought that maybe something is wrong with the hardware of the phone itself. I have heard iOS 11 is not the most stellar performing version of the operating system, but it couldn't be causing all of these hiccups...could it? The possibility of these being completely normal things and I'm just being over-dramatic is also very real.

    I also ran into a new concern today. The front-facing camera on the device is shifted slightly to the right. It doesn't seem to effect how the camera works in any way, but it is still another troubling issue on a device I was sure I would absolutely love. Is this even a thing that is heard of on this model of the phone?
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    May 1, 2018
    I don't know how much your phone drops performance to tell you if it's the phone or if it's only you... But, assuming that you're not the kind of guy that starts getting irritated when the framerate drops from, say 30 to 29, I think that your phone is the problem in any way. How much free space you have on storage? My old iPhone 4 has 32 GB and starts to hang a lot with less than 1 GB of free space. If I have more than 4 GB, it works fine, not awesome, but having in mind that the phone is 8 years old, duh.

    Another thing you can try is to compare the speed of your to one of these speed test videos on the SE, search for your iOS version and have a look, not the best advice but if your phone works really slow, you would tell in a moment.

    I used some of my friend's SE, it was the 32 GB version and with 1 month old and iOS 11, that thing was very fast, not a noticeable diference compared to a 7. So hope you find the cause and can solve it!
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    Jun 2, 2016
    Cornwall UK
    My fiancee has a 16GB SE and it is still fast.

    Maybe OP could try a full recovery reset see if it helps?
    Do it via itunes on a computer see if it helps get rid of the stuttering.

    my fiancee phone is not stuttering and she has less than 2GB storage remaining.
    Filled with mostly photos/videos of the cat!
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    vertical smile

    Sep 23, 2014
    It probably has to do with iOS 11. My wife, one of my daughter, and myself all have an SE.

    I am the only one that has not upgraded to iOS 11, and both of their SEs are a little laggy.

    Maybe it could also be the lack of free space, or a combination of the lack of free space and running iOS 11.

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