iPhone Search app is good but...Two problems

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by patent10021, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Apple forgot to include the MobileMe map in the iPhone Search app. Why do we have to access a web browser to view the search map? If I'm using my wife's iPhone to search for my iPhone I should be able to see a map that automatically pops up in the iPhone Search app without having to go through iOS Safari.

    And...the iPhone Search app times out after (10 minutes?) on the iPhone. You need to login in again. I want it to stay on indefinitely or at least to give me the option to have it always on or on for a specific time period.

    Reason...it's good for other uses i.e. my wife can see where I am and how long it will take for me to come home from work or it will let me search for my Mum if she has a problem. Many uses.
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    Search the app store for the 'Find My iPhone' app.
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    I already had the app installed. What happened is that when I first launched the app the map didn't display. But now it's ok after a restart. Brilliant! But...it still times out. However I do now see a sign out button at the top right so maybe the time out problem is solved too. We'll see. Will be awesome if it works exactly as I'm hoping for.

    Man, the iP4 is awesome!

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