Iphone selective address syncing. Please help!

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    Jul 23, 2009
    Ashland, Oregon
    Hi there,
    ever since I upgraded to 3.0 on my Iphone, it started randomly dropping contacts. They're still in my Mac's address book but no matter how many times I sync they won't go back into my Iphone. The weird thing is that it's only happening with about 20% of my contacts, most of them are fine.
    Can anybody suggest anything because this really sucks!?
    Thanks in advance!
    Bret :confused:
  2. UnbornApple macrumors regular


    Jun 18, 2009
    Minneapolis, MN
    where are you syncing the contacts from? If it is just from outlook, then what I would do is first just back eveything up there so for sure nothing is lost.

    Then inside of iTunes there is an option there to "replace data on the phone with what is on the computer" You'll find that under the advanced section of the info tab.

    If that does not work, I would try resetting the sync history on the computer...that is different on a Mac or PC. Also make sure that you have the iPhone unplugged.

    PC: go to edit in iTunes, then prefereces, then go to the devices tab, then click to reset sync history there twice.

    Mac: open iSync from Finder, to go the iSync menu and go to preferences, in there you will see reset sync history.

    Then try to re-sync again.

    If resetting the sync history does not work, the I would then go into a new user account and create a couple of test contact on the outlook or address book...then try to sync thouse and see if they come over okay. If they do, you know you most likely have something wrong with the contacts that are in your outlook/address book.

    Then what you would want to do is go though and export all of the contacts from outlook/adddress book, and re-import them back into outlook.

    Then sync one more time to see if that works.

    If its still a no go then your going to have to start from scratch with your contacts in outlook. Make everything over again...its going to take a while but it will work.

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