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    Probably the 600th person to say this but my emails aren't being pushed to my iphone, even though in my mail app its coming up that I have new mail. When I restart my phone it seems to work for a while and then stops working. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    Anyway what I would like to know is do I have the right settings on my phone? In settings, I have push on in the fetch new data settings. and fetch set to manually. Is this right?

    What's the difference between fetch and push?

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    I believe Apple has some detail on the support pages for setting up your iPhone with a PC or a Mac. But quickly here.

    1. Push is used with Push Accounts like MobileMe, Yahoo and Exchange.

    2. Fetch is used with pretty much everything else. Like POP3 or IMAP.

    3. Push is when the Server notifies the iPhone to retrieve data (or push the data) and Fetch means the iPhone will have to "fetch" every so many minutes (like every 15 min).

    Under Setting:

    Fetch New Data "Push" should be on. After you go there you want to set "Manually" for everything else unless you have other things that need Fetch (like a second email account that uses POP). On that same page see Advanced and set each account to the proper setting.

    Also, under Settings:

    Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

    Select your account (like MobileM) and set "On" for each item you want to use with MobileMe.
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    Thanks for that, I seem to have the correct settings. For now ill have to keep going into the mail app in the phone to check if I've got mail!

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