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    I have bought a new PC, and authorised it. It seemed to be working fine with iTunes and my iPhone 4S 32gb, but not after syncing, it shows the message 'Over Capacity' by 22.2gb.:eek:

    But when I check the memory usage on the iPhone itself, there is actually 6gb free memory.

    I have run the diagnostics test on iTunes successfully with no errors.

    Any idea what is going on?????

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    Before I got my 4S/64GB, this happened to me on my 3GS/32GB. It seems to be a bug related to the way iOS 5 works. See the post towards the end of page 1 here by user Thenne. The suggested fix in that case was to set it to sync without music (or whatever makes up most of your data), and then turn the setting back and re-sync (but you'll have to copy your content back onto the phone in the second step, which is a pain).


    FWIW this has not happened to me with my 4S, but since I just went from 32GB to 64GB, I have rather a lot of free space left so far.
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