Iphone Signal Strength


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Jul 27, 2005
Lakes - UK
A Friend of mine has an Unlocked Iphone and i wanted to put my sim in it to confirm that an unlocked Iphone works with my current O2 sim, My phone (K800i) in the same location had full strength all bars up, while the unlocked iphone said "no signal" or "no carrier" (cannot remember :confused:)

So i still don't have confirmation that my Sim will work with an unlocked Iphone and im now a bit worried that signal reception is not great.

When i replaced the sim in my phone i got full strength on O2 again.


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Jun 6, 2007
Cheshire, United Kingdom.
Sounds to me as if this is not a signal reception problem with the iPhone but something entirely different. All things being equal I don't think that you would get a full strength signal on the K800i and nothing on the iPhone.

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