iPhone Silent/ Ring switch repair questions...

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    Apr 22, 2008
    My silent/ring switch broke:mad: the other day when i was changing it in class. Thankfully it is stuck on loud so atleast I'm not missing calls left and right. The phone hasn't been dropped or anything and the case is perfect so I assumed the toggle behind the switch broke so I ordered the replacement volume, heaphone jack, silent switch assembly of ebay for like 20 dollars. See Below


    What I'm unsure about is whether their is a chance that the switch cover is broken or the switch. My switch cover just slides back and forth now without affecting the status of the phone. The switch covers or buttons come with the back case which run around 60 dollars on ebay. Can a switch cover break? I cant be stuffed opening my phone until i get the internal parts that i THINK it needs. Anyone have any experience? Have I ordered the right bit? Sorry if that doesnt make great sense i'll clarify if you need me to guys.
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    why cant you just send it in to apple for a new one if it has no physical damage your fine unless your unlocked and using a different carrier
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    Apr 22, 2008
    Sorry forgot to mention.... Australia

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