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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Wicked1, Jun 16, 2009.

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    Apr 13, 2009
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    I am new to this SIM card deal, I recently switched from Verizon which up to recently never had them, but now with some models being Dual Band CDMA/GSM they are putting them in there.

    Question I have one in my 3G iPhone, can this SIM be taken out and put into another phone or what is the point of AT&T having to put a SIM card in their iPhone.

    I understand the SIM card hold all the info and not the phone, but why is Verizon just starting to use them, and couldn't I take one from Verizon and use it in my iPhone? Maybe a Dume question but I am trying to see the difference between ATT and Verizon's SIM cards.

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    You can take your SIM card and put it in either an unlocked phone (GSM Only), or an AT&T phone.

    Yes, CDMA/GSM phones (Like the Blackberry Storm) can be used on AT&T with the GSM part being unlocked (I think)

    Your SIM card holds your information, like your phone number. It is also what your phone uses to connect to AT&T towers.

    Your contacts are stored on the iPhone.

    In most AT&T phones, you can transfer your contacts to SIM card.
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    The sim card stores your phone number in it, so to switch phones you just have to put the sim card in another phone. On verizon you have to log in to your account or go to the store and have the phones switched. Verizon doesn't currently use GSM in the US. I assume those "dual-band" phones with sim cards and CDMA are just there so that you can use them on either network or out of the country where GSM is the standard.

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