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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by MultiFinder17, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Hello all! I have an original iPhone that I've been rocking with for nearly two years now, completely legally on an iPhone plan. It's still a great phone, but it has some nagging letdowns, notably EDGE and the fact that it's a 4gig iPhone. I have a friend who obsessively upgrades, and obviously has the 3GS now, and has his old 3G laying around. I'm considering buying it, but I have a couple of questions first:

    1. If I buy his 3G, unlock it, and then put my 2G's SIM in it (using the original iPhone's official AT&T plan), would I be able to get 3G speeds?

    2. Would Visual Voicemail still work on the new phone?

    3. Would AT&T send the storm troopers to my house and haul me off to their secret underground torture chamber? ;)

    I'm rather excited about getting his old phone - it's a 16gig (and 16 >>>>> 4), and 3G would be really nice! We were gonna get together soon enough and do all the unlocking to his phone anyway, but I was just curious if anybody had any ideas about it. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks much!
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    well lets get this straight...

    You have a ATT account with a legit Iphone plan (30$) correct?

    The 3G you going to buy is obviously locked to ATT correct?

    If the answer is yes to both then i believe all you have to do is plug in the sim into the 3G and it should work.

    I mean, if you have the iphone plan, text messages and whatever else...they shouldnt care if you are using a new or old phone.

    Im not 100% on this though, i know there was a way for older iphones to use the older PDA plan i believe. If you using that plan, then NO, this will not work. You will need to switch the plan to a iphone plan, after that it shouldnt work.

    It doesnt matter if you dont buy the iphone from ATT, but if its a ATT bought phone, shouldnt have any issues as long as you have the correct data plan.
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    Everything should work fine.

    You pay for an AT&T iPhone plan and you're going to use an iPhone.

    If in doubt, drop your sim in and try it for an afternoon.

    The speeds are mandated by the phone hardware, the 3G will use 3G network.

    Those who updated from older phones to 3G or 3GS, did exactly what you will be doing, moved their sim to the newer phone.
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    Yes, 3G service will work perfectly with a 2G iPhone sim. The 3G service is controlled by what phone you are using and not by sim or your service plan. AT&T just charges extra for the 3G service because they can when you buy a 3G iPhone.

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