iPhone SIM + phone for the Taiwan market?

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    I'm sending back my iPhone due to a bubble issue and need a phone in the interim. Someone in another lab said I could borrow hers, but the thing is, its was from Taiwan. When I say Taiwan , I mean to say it was made for that market - its GSM, and all - but the characters are all in Chinese, even the letters on the keypad are in the language. Are these phones universal, whereas all I need to change is the frequency to 1900 Hz, or are they locked into a particular regions, and face absorbent charges if I use it.

    Also, is the data plan still in effect?

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    Well pop your sim in and check. If you can make and receive calls then it works.
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    Couldn't be for the Taiwanese market. The Iphone was never released here. Every iphone here was bought somewhere else and brought here, In fact Taiwan is not even on the list of 70 countries expected to have an iphone release. It is really silly since the 3G Iphone was made here. I think you should just check your language settings. Better yet get a friend who can read Chinese to do it for you.

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