iPhone - Smartphones - Must be Designed and Made to be Incredibly Durable


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Aug 28, 2013
Seeing all the fanboys argue against anyone discussing its durability has become comical.

Do we know if there's a widespread problem with the strength of the new iPhones? No. Do we know if there's a design weakness? No.

But we have indications that the answers to these questions are more yes than no.

The CR Report video was clear: the new iPhones performed terribly compared to the older iPhone 5 and Note 3. Personally, let's move past this and include other things. How many smashed glass iPhones have you seen in your life? Probably at least some. Then there's water damage. Then there might be bending. And then there's the aluminum that scratches easily. Cases obviously protect the phone.

These phones - all smartphones - need to be incredibly durable. No excuses anymore. The glass shouldn't be smashing. The devices should effectively be waterproof. And the materials shouldn't scratch or require that you use a case. And most importantly, it should take an insane amount of force to permanently bend the devices. I wonder what these things would be like with a form of carbon fibre or some other material that is super light and strong and doesn't scratch easily with some shots of rubber on the bottom and top.


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Sep 13, 2014
I'm simply happy that we have smartphones as advanced as we do nowadays, regardless of their durability without a case.

I mean think back to 7 years ago how dumb phones where and how much more connected we are now to everything. If that takes me using a case to protect my $650 electronic then thats ok by me. I know that's not the opinion of everyone and there will probably be a lot who say "NO DAMMIT! iPhone needs to be made out of sapphire and liquid metal so no harm will come to it", but personally I'm just grateful to live in the times that we do :)


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Sep 16, 2014
Dover, NH
I agree about the waterproofing, that's something easily achieved. Even if you never intend to bring your phone near water, all it takes is one slip from your shirt picket while washing your hands, or going to answer a call while walking and it slips into a puddle, for you to wish this phone had that simple feature.


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Jul 5, 2010
Paris, France
No manufacturer NEEDS to do anything. They only design and build their products in the way they do so that they will sell. Usually that means meeting a series of requirements of their consumer or competing against other companies making similar products.

If there is a demand for rugged smartphone then someone will make one (which from the links in previous posts show are already on sale). If you want an iPhone, you buy what Apple designs. If it's no good, don't buy it. Then their sales will drop and THEN they will change their products to get those sales back.

Why is it that the people who complain about these products don't just buy something else which can do virtually the same thing. There are endless options.
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