iPhone - Smartphones - Were Never Meant to be Bent on Purpose to Test Durability

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kalebnate, Sep 29, 2014.

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    Seeing all the fanboys argue against anyone discussing common sense has become comical.

    Do we know if there's a widespread problem with the strength of the new iPhones? No. Do we know if there's a design weakness? No.

    But we have indications that the answers to these questions are more yes than no.

    The CR Report video was clear: the new iPhones performed worse compared to the older iPhone 5 and Note 3, which were also bent albeit at a higher force (still bendable). Personally, let's move past this and include other things. How many smashed glass iPhones have you seen in your life? Probably at least some. Then there's water damage. Then there might be bending. And then there's the aluminum that scratches easily. Cases obviously protect the phone.

    These phones - all smartphones - need to be durable enough for normal use. The glass shouldn't be smashing but if you drop it, expect the consequences as all phones break when dropped from a height. The devices should not need to be effectively be waterproof, because we're not expected to be diving or showering with our phones. And the materials shouldn't be easily scratched or require that you use a case. And most importantly, it should take an insane amount of force to permanently bend the devices, but durable enough not to bend in normal use (unless you sit on it). Also, we never expected to start testing phones for durability by bending them when we got them. I wonder how making the most durable phones will increase costs and require us paying even a higher price just to come here and complain how expensive these devices are.
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    There is not a smartphone out there that could not be bent by hand.
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    "performed terribly"

    Pure opinion. I disagree. This thread seems redundant and arguably counter productive.
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