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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sammy2066, Jul 25, 2008.

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    So I will give you a brief history of what I have done with my iPhone till date.

    iPhone 1.0.1 updated to 1.0.2 after purchasing.
    Unlocked via iUnlock. (that 20 minute unlock, the first one)
    Restored w/ 1.1.3 and jailbroken, activated and unlocked with ziPhone.
    Same gig with 1.1.4. Have restored and unlocked multiple times due to some issues.
    Pwned the phone and upgraded to 2.0

    This problem started a few days back on FW 1.1.4, my phone started changing the date and time to something completely wrong. As long as my phone was at home connected to my home network, the time got set automatically and was correct. As soon as I left home, the time messes up, or so I think.

    There could be some other event triggering the time change. Maybe a phone call or text. It is extremely annoying.

    Also, my SMS time stamps have been messing up since the last few days. Yesterday I actually got a text from the future .... :eek:

    So am I the only one with these issues? Is there a fix for this through any Cydia repository?

    Is my iPhone dying?

    My guess is that I have been backing up my iPhone since 1.0.2 and using it ever since. I have a lot of texts and don't like losing them, so maybe my backup is soo messed up after going through soo many upgrades and hack and unlocks, that it could be corrupting something on the phone?

    Is there a way to backup and restore SMS from one iPhone to another?

    I'd appreciate any assistance greatly!


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