iPhone software update problematic for 3G?


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Feb 9, 2008
New England
Usually, I look forward to Apple updates, trusting their brilliant engineers 110%. After "upgrading my old iPhone 3G to the new v.4.01 last week, I'm getting the sense that everything has slowed down. Is it me or is it my phone?

  • Emails seem to take forever to list, write, and send.
  • Starting up the camera takes at least 5X to 10X longer than it did before.
  • Selecting Camera Roll also takes forever to display the pictures.
  • Emailing or sending a specific picture seems to take way longer.
  • All pictures sent arrive in horizontal format regardless of whether they were shot vertically or horizontally. All my recipients are making fun of my iPhone!

Add to this no easy way to simply transfer groups of pictures taken with my iPhone to my iMac is very frustrating. I love the iPhone and will probably upgrade to the new iPhone down the road... rumor has it that in September there will be a revised phone that does not have the "band" problem.

Anyone else noticing the sluggishness?

max pl

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Jun 9, 2010
anyone have a link to the thread for that new 4.0.1 update that changed the antenna algorithm?

i went from 4 or 5 bars in most places to 1 bar just about everywhere with my 3GS.


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Jun 20, 2010
I'm finding it surprising that 3G owners are updating. After apple announced that not all ios4 features would work on older gen models, I would not have upgraded unless I upgraded the hardware. It was almost inevitable for the 3G to not run it well. My 2006 MacBook pro will not run leopard well at all. Went back to tiger on that machine but my Mac mini runs leopard fine. Although it is the 17" higher end pro @ the time it's really slow trying to run leopard. Older machine means new software runs like crap. In my experience