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Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by AGSHender, Jun 19, 2008.

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    Apr 15, 2007
    In the last week or so, my 16 GB iPhone (purchased about three months ago) has started "locking up" several times a day. What happens is that essentially the screen stops responding to touches, the Home and Power button don't respond to being pressed, and if you look at the unlock slider, the text "slide to unlock" isn't animated.

    Which naturally means I can't answer a phone call while it's in this state because I can't slide it. Of course, if I'm listening to music or a podcast, that keeps right on playing in the background. The screen eventually responds to my screen touches, usually a few minutes later. I thought perhaps it was something with checking the mail in the background, so I disabled my automatic mail checking, but that didn't fix anything. Resetting the unit makes it go back to normal for awhile, but yesterday I had to reset it five times and the day before three or so. The battery also got sucked down yesterday like a little kid with a juice box, but I wasn't doing anything taxing on my phone. I listened to music for an hour or so in the morning, another hour in the afternoon, made two short phone calls, and with automatic email checking disabled I was in the red zone when I got home in the evening to charge it back up again. This was starting with a full charge.

    Anyone seen this? Any other things I can do besides a wipe?

    Edit: and one other thing that's odd. After a reset, typically some or all of the podcasts I'd just gotten finished listening to are marked as unread. It marked four of them as unread yesterday after the first lock up and reset.
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    Have you tried a hard-boot? Sometimes AT&T phones requires that you shutoff your phone due to updates or changes to your plan. If that doesn't work, try stopping by the Apple Store or calling AppleCare Support, since you may have a battery problem as well. :confused:
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    Yup, I've turned the whole thing off a few times, too. I haven't made any changes to my plan, nor have I moved to a different service area.

    Stopping by an Apple Store would let me fix my broken headphones, too. The mic clicker stopped working a couple of months ago.

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