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    so for the past week or two my 6 plus has been acting very weird. Its been going through weird instances where it becomes extremely laggy to the point that i have to force restart it every 12 or so hours. also ive noticed that storage use is fluctuating a lot. In the morning for instance Ill have 45+GB free then by dinner time only 13GB free then the next morning ill have 45GB free again. When I go under usage the only significant use of space is my photos which is only around 7-8GB. My phone is running the latest public beta of 9.2. Is this a bug or is something wrong with the phone?
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    The first thing I would do is try signing out of iCloud and signing back in. Let the phone run for a couple of days and monitor the storage.

    If it persists I would then back up and restore as a new phone...it sucks, but it will eliminate any third party culprits. Make sure you restore to a public release...NO betas. If the phone needs replaced, Apple will probably not replace it until they confirm it isn't beta software causing the issue to begin with.

    If it persists after that then it looks like you have a hardware issue and you'll need to head to the closest Apple store.

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