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    Dec 14, 2010
    I got an iPhone 4 32gb Black IOS 4.2.1. I jailbreaked it with Redsnow. But than cydia wasn't working so I wanted to restore my iPhone back to normal. So I made a back-up and restored my phone, and than it started trippin. It came up with an error, but this I get this all the time after restoring, and I try to kick my phone out of recovery mode with tinyumberella. All the phone does is it goes off and turns back on. And than it returns to the "plug you device" screen. I try'd every function in tinyumberella but it doesn't work. I try to turn my phone off but it keeps going back on by it's self(only when connected to PC). And when I plug my phone out and turn it off. I found a way to put my phone in to DFU mode. It needs to be on for that, what is pretty weird. And I try'd every option in Redsnow. Boot tethered, install cydia, pwned DFU mode. But nothing works. I can't seem to find a solution. PLEASE HELP!!!! Thank you

    Error: 1013 (that's what appeared in iTunes)

    Answer to answer 1: I try'd that, and I try'd restarting my PC.
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    TNX ALLOT!!! The link you sent me was good. It fixed my problem.
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