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    Hey, couple weeks ago i updated my ipod 2nd gen and following the update itunes came up with a message saying it had detected a device in restore mode (itunes logo on screen with usb pointing to it.) It said that i had to restore it and update it. i did this, again got a prompt saying i had to restore and update. no error code, nothing to say anything went wrong. Would go through entire restore process without issue, but i would end up where i started. Eventually my ipod wouldnt charge or be recognized by my computer and i sent it into apple. Apple said there was no problem with it, sent it back to me and before i had a chance to plug it into my computer I updated my iphone. Following the update i receive the same message, i seem to be having the same problem. I have deleted the update and re downloaded it, but to no avail. PLEASE any help in the matter would be GREATLY appreciated. Also, there is no way for me to find my SN due to the circumstances.

    Running Windows vista 64 bit, itunes 9.0.3
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    Assuming Apple knows what they're talking about, your problem is either in iTunes or a USB port. First try another USB port. Make sure you try one in the back of your computer. Next try another computer. Finally, try uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes.

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