iPhone submerged in Chai tea

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    Jul 5, 2008
    I hope someone can help. My iPhone was in a shopping bag and my cup of chai tipped into it. I found the bottom 2 cm of the phone submerged in it. I got some accessory errors to begin with. The battery was threatening to die right before the accident so the battery dying was no surprise. I charged it on my Bose dock after quickly cleaning it. It didn't charge well the first night but last night was fine. When the phone rang I noticed the speakers were quiet and upon trying to play a song via the iPod mode I noticed I could barely hear it. The speakers are free of junk but there is a sticky residue inside the charging port. I tried to clean it with alcohol on a q-Tip but couldn't get too deep. I also tried a few blasts of canned air. Apparently I also damaged the Bose dock too with last nights charge. The Bose dock worked great the first night after the accident with the iPhone but now there is static. I thought it was an iPhone issue but I just tried my iPod and it is just as bad!
    I was going to sell this phone to my niece and get a new one before the accident. I want to try and fix what I can before I now just give it to her. Any ideas. None of the other post cover de-stickying iPhones - just drying them out!
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    Actually, the best thing to do when an electronic falls into liquid is LEAVE IT ALONE. Don't turn it on, try to charge it, etc because that just screws everything up.

    If I were you, I would've rinsed whatever part fell into the tea with water because the water would've washed out the sugar and whatever else might leave a sticky residue. Then you should've left it out to dry (maybe placing it in a bowl of rice as that helps to absorb moisture). It might be too late for any of that now.

    I think you might be S.O.L.

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