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    Apr 30, 2011
    Hi and thanks in advance for your help
    forgive me for my basic terminology..I'm NOT a tech guy at all

    need to clean up for space on my mac but can't find what took up 16G of space during a screwed up sync I performed with my iPhone

    iPhone has 28G taken with lots of video

    1. started a sync/backUp of iPhone to my mac
    2. during the sync I opened the 'get info' window and watched the 20G left on my mac going down fast, I knew that it would just jam and not complete a proper upload, so I stopped it and unplugged the iphone from the mac so I can free space on mac to handle a large upload from my iPhone
    3. my mac internal HD is now down to 4G but I can't find anything on my mac that came from my iphone?
    4. looked in internal HD library for mobileSync/backup but it's not there...
    5.also in iTunes and iPhoto on the mac - i don't seem to have been uploaded from my iPhone
    6. so now I have a computer with no space left and an iPhone with no space left ... don't know what to do
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    Get Disk Inventory and it’ll show you where your space is being used on your Mac. GrandPerspective is another option.
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    Apr 30, 2011
    thanks so much
    got Disk Inventory X
    was very helpful

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