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    Hi, I recently purchased a new computer. Since my iPhone is still synced to the iTunes on my old dead computer, my new computer and new iTunes will not let me do anything with my iPhone(sync music, photos, etc.) without iTunes wanting to erase my iPhone and replace the contents. However, I still have the option of creating a backup. My question is, if I create a backup of my iPhone now, will I be able to restore my iPhone after erasing it and syncing it with the new iTunes? Will the restoring my iPhone restore all of my music, apps, and photos/videos?
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    Jan 26, 2011
    creating a backup will only save your settings like alarms, calender, notes, address book, etc.

    there are programs that you can google which will import media from your iDevice to your computer which you would need to import to iTunes inorder to not lose anything.

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