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    I want to sync my iphone to my library, but it gives a pop-up saying: the iPhone 'xx’s iPhone' is synchronised with a different iTunes-library on 'xx’s MacBook Pro'. Would you like to erase this iPhone and synchronise with this iTunes-library?"

    I don't want to erase my iphone... Any suggestions on what i could do?

    thanks a lot!
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    If you synced your phone with a previous OS install or other machine, you can't sync to another and retain information synced from the aforementioned.
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    back up your stuff before proceeding

    click on transfer purchases
    in itunes you click on
    "transfer purchases from xx's iPhone"

    if you want to pull stuff (music, tv shows, movies, videos ) off the iPhone you need to use a different utility, like copy transfer manager.

    you can use iphoto to pull photos and videos you shot with the camera off the iPhone

    as far as "erasing" the iPhone, when you sync your iPhone to another computer, the only thing that gets really erased on the iPhone is sycned content

    if you have anything in videos, music, books, photos, music, podcasts, movies, tv shows, that only exists on your iPhone STOP NOW AND DO NOT CLICK ON SYNC

    if all that stuff already exists on your itunes library, then go ahead and tell itunes to erase and sync with a new library

    all the important stuff, like iCloud, and email , calendar, notes, settings, apps ,phone book won't get erased

    make sure itunes and iPhone are using the same apple id

    about backups.
    backups do not back up synced content. if you back up to itunes and your content exists on another computer, it won't be in the backup, and if you restore the iPhone, it will be lost

    anything purchased on the iPhone can be redownloaded from apple. apple says you may not be able to download a tv show or an app after we remove it from the store, but that hasn't been my personal experience

    do you still have access to the old computer that it was synced too??

    you should move that content from that old itunes library and place it to your new itunes library if you want to sync to a different computer

    you can only sync to one computer at a time. all syncing does is place content from itunes to your phone.
    it won't pull content from the iPhone back into itunes, unless the content was purchased from apple.

    as long as all your content on the iPhone exists in itunes at the same time, it is safe to sync

    if you ripped cds from your personal music collection and those mp3s only exist on your phone and you do not have them on itunes, when you sync to a new itunes library they are gone forever

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