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    Nov 9, 2009
    Hey guys!

    So I have an Iphone which was linked to my old sony vaio running windows vista using iTunes. Last week, I bought a shiny new MacBook pro 13" noteboook and ever since i am struggling to make my iphone and macbook communicate!

    When i connect my phone to my new mac, i got messafe saying that this iphone was linked to a different library and all data will be erased and will be synced to the new computers library (which is blank, ofcourse!) as it can be synced to only one library anytime.

    I authorized the macbook and even transferred my apps.. but still many problems:

    1. Can see all the music in my phone via songs but cant play anything.. all greyed out

    2. Iphone doesnt sync, cant install apps and it will erase everything, doesnt do device backups a it happens on my vaio.. basically whenever i try to click on sync, it warns me that all will be erased which i dont want!

    How do i make my phone behave in the same manner as it does on my vaio? Please help!
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    You need to backup your Library from the old machine to the new one. Lao, you need to not only authorize the new machine, but you should deauthorize the old one and then sign in your your Apple ID on the new machine. :)
  3. Galaxynight macrumors newbie

    Nov 14, 2009
    What i did

    If you want to keep your apps - you're in a bit of trouble...

    Otherwise you are fine - just backup on your pc first...

    Erasing all data should ask if you want to transfer photos and contacts - Say Yes
    it will also transfer all songs and apps, but will be formatted...

    THIS MEANS ALL APP Data is lost (Except for default ones)

    Your apps will stay however - just make sure any links like A password generator etc are dislinked...

    The grey in iTunes is normal - Check the manual sync button and it should work...

    Also don't forget to deactivate after it is transferred over :)

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