iPhone takes top spot in cool brands survey

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    From The Daily Mail - UK

    The Apple iPhone has been named the coolest and most desirable brand in Britain.
    The touch-screen phone and MP3 player topped a list of 20 products, knocking Aston Martin off the top spot for the first time in four years.
    Apple took three of the top five places in CoolBrands’ annual survey, which lists products that people own or want to own.
    After pushing Aston Martin into second place, Apple itself came in third, with its iPod taking fourth spot.
    iPhone's top positioning comes as Orange announced today the iPhone will be available to Orange customers in the UK later this year, ending rival O2's exclusive deal over the must-have handset.
    Technology dominates the rest of the top ten, with Nintendo up two places from last year to number five and BlackBerry rising 16 places to number seven.
    The BBC’s on-demand television service, iPlayer, was the only new entry to reach the top 20.
    Despite dropping a few places, classic brands such as Dom Pérignon and Rolex remained in the top 20, but Nike, Facebook and Lamborghini dropped off the list.

    The Mini jumped 11 places to 17th spot, while Sony held on to its rank of 16 from last year.
    CoolBrands chairman Stephen Cheliotis, head of the Centre for Brand Analysis, said he was not surprised at this year’s number one.
    He said: 'The iPhone is something everyone’s been talking about. There has been such a buzz around it.

    'People who haven’t got one, want one.'
    But he added that the list also showed that the classic brands were still considered cool to Britain’s consumers.
    He said: 'Aston Martin has finally lost its top spot in the rankings but only just. In fact, the top 20 shows remarkable consistency, with 15 of last year’s top 20 in there… so much for cool being a fleeting thing.'

    The top 20 list is...
    1. iPhone (up one place)
    2. Aston Martin (down one)
    3. Apple (non-mover)
    4. iPod (up 36)
    5. Nintendo (up two)
    6. YouTube (down one)
    7. Blackberry (up 16)
    8. Google (down two)
    9. Bang & Olufsen (down five)
    10. PlayStation 3 (up five)
    11. Xbox (up 28)
    12. Tate Modern (down two)
    13. Dom Perignon (down two)
    14. Virgin Atlantic (down two)
    15. Ferrari (down two)
    16. Sony (non-mover)
    17. Mini (up 11)
    18. Vivienne Westwood (up 23)
    19. Rolex (down ten)
    20. BBC iPlayer (new entry)

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...es-spot-cool-brands-survey.html#ixzz0SQF6Q8Vz
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    happy to see iphone is number one thats pretty awesome

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