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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by robbie12345, Nov 19, 2013.

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    Hi guys, so last year I bought a black iphone 5. I saw nothing wrong with it, just that this year it had started to bore me, and I wanted something new and exciting. I looked at the iphone 5s, deemed it too much of an iterative upgrade to get, and went over to the android camp.

    The phone that really caught my eye was the samsung galaxy note 3. Samsung's newest flagship, with a 5.7 inch beautiful 1080p display. I thought to myself, "this won't be too big for me and the screen will be beautiful," well i was still sort of wrong.

    I really truly enjoyed the screen size. Everything was better, made better by the larger screen.

    At first, I used the so called "features" of the device, I thought they were amazing until I realized the phone got about 1 hour less than my iphone 5's already some what stingy battery life, and with any feature enabled it went down in a linear slope.

    So i turned the features off and did not miss them, as they were not executed in the os well anyway, and were just gimmicks thrown in to sell the phone.

    Now, I thought to myself, "well atleast the phone is faster than my 5," but wrong again. Although the phone was equipped with the fastest baddest chip on the market, android still caused the phone to a minor bit of lag. Not really on the ui, but when scrolling up and down in menus and web pages.

    So now I thought "oh cool! the s pen," wrong again. It can be used for literally 5 functions, 2 of which, scrap book and action memo, completely useless, and the other three more gimmicks.

    The pressure sensitive display was nice for drawing, but im an awful artist anyway.

    Now I thought to myself that apps and movies will look better on the display, and they did. But the play store was still not as good as the iphone because of fragmentation. Most of my apps were there from smart switch, but others were not or were scaled and looked very ugly, and media was hard to use as the galaxy has two video players so its hard to understand which to pick.

    Now I thought, the galaxy will be better easier and can do more than my iphone.

    Again I was either wrong Or i have no idea. The settings menu is so confusing on the galaxy compared to iPhone. The finder is difficult to find, and s voice is terrible, making the iphone with siri more feature packed than the galaxy.

    Moral of the story, Androids are not as good as they may seem. Yes the screen is beautiful, and I will miss it very much, it did not come close to warranting the upgrade and the cost, so I am going to return it tomorrow morning, and wait for a larger screened iphone 6.
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    Android users always get insulted when I say they'll come crawling back to the iPhone.
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    Welcome back! If the rumors are true, will you opt for the 5.5" iPhone Plus next year?
  4. Mrbobb macrumors 601

    Aug 27, 2012
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    I would actually get it, the one thing I liked on the note was the screen size. I think 5.7 inches was a little bit too big though overall, I think a 5.2 inch would be perfect, but I would probably choose 5.5 over 4.5.


    Should have listened, I was ignorant really. I thought all the nay sayers were fan boys, until I actually got the phone and used it for myself, and wow was I wrong


    :D It actually should be
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    I'm very happy to own an android and a wp8 smartphones: they remind me every day why I use an iPhone as primary phone :D

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