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    Jan 18, 2011
    Hello all. I've had a month long problem with my iphone. It fell down the stairs a month ago and the screen went white with blue lines. I read online and found out the lcd screen was damaged and ordered a replacement. I read online and replaced the screen myself. Then a week ago my phone fell again. I opened it up and saw that one of the cables (the #1 tabbed cable) came out. I put it back in and the phone worked perfectly. Then 2 days ago my sister dropped it while playing a game. now the screen works perfectly, but when i go to use the phone and slide to unlock it, nothing happens. When I receive a phone call I can't slide to accept the call. When I hold the power button to turn the phone off, I can move the slide bar to turn it off but it doesn't turn off. I reopened my phone again, and all the cables seem to be in place. Anyone know what can be causing this? My digitizer screen and my LCD are perfectly OK, with no scratches, blemishes nor dead pixels.

    EDIT: I have tried multiple reboots and restores, to no avail.
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    probably broke a connection to the digitizer.
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    Had a simlar problem when I replaced my glass/digitizer. After I installed the new screen and closed up the unit, the LCD worked fine but no touch! After some stuffing around I found the problem was that the connecter for the touch was not seating properly once I closed up the phone (the joys of cheap parts from e-bay right?) So I had to pad it out- glued a little sqaure of plastic on top of the connecter to make sure that is was wedged in nice and tight when I closed up the phone again.

    Could be wrth a try, otherwise, yeah maybe one too many drops there mate...
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    So what exactly is the problem now? Is it just the touch panel, or are you experiencing problems with the LCD again?
    If its just the touch that isn't working, then it sounds like the latest drop has damaged your touch panel and it may be time for it to be replaced. Directfix.com has 3G and 3GS panels at a relatively decent price. Be aware however, replacing the touch panel is a bit trickier than replacing the LCD.
  5. Blitzomaru, Jan 19, 2011
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    Are you talking about the connector that is labeled #3? Because I did have trouble getting it in properly at first. It never looked like it was in properly. I thought the line on it was supposed to be flush with the gold line on the circuit board, but I could never get it to be that flush. I honestly dont know what the #'s 1,2 and 3 connectors control, but I always make sure they are removed carefully when I open my iphone and placed back in their connectors when I close it back up.

    Phoneluv, as I've said my screen works perfectly. my background is visible. I can see people who call me or text, so visually it works fine. But when I try to unlock it or answer a phone call, I slide my finger over the unlock bar and nothing at all happens. The slider doesn't even move. But If I hold the power button and get the slide to power off bar, I can slide my finger over that one and that slider will move almost to the end of the bar, but it wont turn off. the cancel button at the bottom that appears where the slide tab would be does nothing either. If I push the home button twice and my ipod shortcut controls pop up but i cant play anything. The play and forawrd/backward arrows respond to my presses, tho.

    EDIT: I got frustrated and opened my phone up. found out that my digitizer wasn't fully seated. can't believe that's been the problem this entire time... Phone works now. Thanks all!

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