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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mtbdudex, Jul 3, 2011.

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    When all the controversy came about the iPhone tracking you, I decided to try it's accuracy at home.
    Here is realtime snapshot using the maps app, scary it is spot in within a few feet as I walked about our home.

    other people with iPhones, see how accurate it tracks you in your home.

    And this is data that can be shared/kept with whom??

    As I was in our mudroom, exactly here

    Walked up the stairs into our loft, exactly as shown here

    Into our bedroom closet
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    To begin with the issues have been fixed in a new version of iOS. The data wasn't shared with anyone just saved in the backup file on your computer/phone. And the fact that the iPhone is able to accurately pinpoint your location in the maps app is a good thing.
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    Google has this thing called Latitude. Its a part of the OS on your phone and shows up on your PC and if you activate it, you can literaly watch somebody driving down the road and see where they are at all times. That i didnt like, and wont like it 99% of the time but there is that 1% where it could come in handy but i have it turned off.

    I also have an App called find my phone.
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    That is not the location information your referring to. You are looking at a GPS enabled app that pinpoints your location. The location information you're referring to is cached locations of cell phone towers and wi-fi hotspots around you. The issue was that due to a bug the information was cached for a year which has been patched. There are few other nits folks complained about but nobody was being tracked.
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    What app is that? :confused:
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    ^^ its just the map app. I've found that there is like a 30 deg. bias if I use the device direction function while tracking movement on the map app. apart from that, its pretty spot on (hell, I've had it track me to the very parking I was sitting in at work!)
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    Oh boy! I didn't think I'd get to use this picture twice in one day:


    This information is only available to location based apps that you permit, and therefore is completely within your control. If it didn't track you around the house someone would be posting a thread about how the GPS isn't accurate enough, and if it is accurate we get privacy conspiracy theory nuts.

    Sometimes you just can't win.
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