iPhone Upgrade Program Price Discrepancy

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Lunchboxmcd, Sep 10, 2016.

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    I must be the only person who noticed this because I can't find it anywhere else. During the keynote, they put prices up for the iPhone upgrade program. The iPhone 7 was listed at $27 per month and the iPhone 7 plus was listed at $32 per month. Apple's website has them at $32 and $37 respectively. Are they going to change the price on their website?
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    The correct prices for the iPhone Upgrade Plan are $32 and $37. It's very simple to calculate--divide the price of the phone (plus $129 for AppleCare) by 24.

    The $27 and $32 prices you saw were specifically for the Upgrade Program. Phil said those prices were for typical US carrier installment plans. Then, at 108:10 he talks specifically about Apple's plan and the slide shows the iPhone Upgrade Program starting at $32/mo.

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    It said "starting prices based on 24 monthly payments." The exact amount could vary depending on the plan you select (not just AUP, but carrier plans such as AT&T Next as well).

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