iPhone Users... please explain this to me.. is att worth it?


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May 27, 2007
Okay, i have tmobile for likea year and a half :(
3 lines (almost 600 to cancel my contract)

i am aware that if i want the iphone i need to use att service.
and i am told that theres like a 200 dollar cancelation fee with tmobile..

i read online somewhere awhile back that i could tell t-mobile that i was moving to an area
that dosnt have tmobile signal, and by telling them that, it would let me out of the big cancelation fee.
about $600 for 3 lines.. insane

any word or info on this if this method works or what not so i can switch to ATT?

i live in San Diego, i went to Tmobile.com and went on the coverage finder.
i looked for a place that wasnt covered. and i found the place and address.

i honestly dont like tmobile too much although i have been with them for like 4 years..
and moved 3 times within that four year gap.

and as of now somehow someway, i get no reception between 1 am to about 9 am.
I'm, pretty sure its my phone... but anyway... how would i go about canceling my tmobile service?

i think it would be awkward suggesting that i want to cancel my account..

so i could say... : I'm moving to (so and so) and i was out there yesterday and today
and i noticed i couldnt get any reception. i checked with your coverage map on the website, and i found out that where i'm going to be living, isnt covered by tmobile.

but then what?
how would i go about hinting at them so i dont have to phsicley say it, that i want out of my contract?

(i added up the service and by the looks of it at&t is way cheaper than tmobile)


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Jul 2, 2007
Honolulu, Hawai'i
Depending on where you live at&t might not be worth it, coverage wise. But the iphone sure is!

Sorry i dont have any suggestions of how to cancel your contract with tmobile. Did you look search around the forums, I thought I seen some threads on how to end contracts, I don't know if they were tmobile or not though. Maybe you could argue that you are not satisfied with their coverage like you said, in the mornings. Sound reasonable to me.


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Aug 9, 2007
how much time is left on your t-mobile contract? 6 months or 1.5 years? if it is 6 months... just wait it out.

i've canceled contracts with verizon without penalty. i had several lines and i wanted to cancel 2 of the lines because the reception was increasingly poor. (these 2 phones required excellent coverage because they were emergency contact numbers). i called customer service several times... and so my complaints about the increasingly poor service was well documented. i eventually e-mailed verizon's administrative headquarters and received a quick response that i could cancel up to 2 lines without penalty.

i know that some companies permit canceling a contract if you move to an area with no service. my DSL contract is like this. i would imagine that some type of proof of address will be required at some point.

maybe t-mobile would permit you to break 1 contract... if you keep the other 2 lines active. mention that you are a loyal customer for many years... and that it is just ONE phone you want to end service with. if they don't permit you to cancel this ONE phone now... then you will switch all of your phones to another carrier when your contracts expire. (you can say this very diplomatically without it being a threat).


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Dec 3, 2006
the iPhone is great don't get me wrong, but if you are going to have to pay that much money, and you like t-mobile's service then just stick with t-mobile until your contract is done. And maybe you will luck out with them coming out with a new phone around the time your contract is up.


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Jul 31, 2007
First and foremost, make sure AT&T's coverage is good in your area. About the dumbest thing anyone can do is switch carriers based on equipment alone, let alone equipment that will cost you $600.

Second, people are going to give you all kinds of advice on how to get around the ETF. Save yourself the trouble and forget about it. Virtually none of it works. The carriers have become more savvy about this, and you will have to go through several circles of hell to do it, and even after going through those circles there is still no guarantee they'll let you get away with it.

If you're at the start or middle of a 2 year, and you decide the iPhone is really worth the swtich, just pay the ETF. It's not worth the headaches. I paid Verizon's in order to switch this past week, so my iPhone was actually $775. Pretty expensive, but I had just signed up a new 2 year, but I figured the amount of money I"ll save on the iPhone's data vs. the VZW's BlackBerry will make it worth it.

Bottom line, I just don't think all these scams work. You signed a contract, you took the benefits that a 2 year gave you price-wise, you should honor the contact. I don't know why we as consumers always think that policies are there just for the company to obey.


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Dec 4, 2006
Halethorpe, MD
I was all over San Diego a couple of weeks ago with my iPhone and I got great AT&T coverage everywhere I went, so no problems there. However, do they really make you pay the cancellation fee for every single line you have? I figured it'd be one cancellation fee for one account.


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Jul 2, 2007
Sunny Florida
I wouldnt do it. Wait for the TMobile contract to be up and switch for free. The iPhone is expensive and unsubsidized, so dont add insult to injury by piling on another $600 in cancellation fees.


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Jul 18, 2007
Edge is actually much better than the media reported and reception in NJ has actually been BETTER than VZ. I honestly did not expect it!


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May 27, 2007
well i called them yesterday and told them 'we just bought a house and i get no signal'... gave them a really good story, and at the end he said that they could cancel the service and i wouldnt have to pay a fine if i provided proof, like
a drivers license or a utility bill with the change of address..

looks like i cant get that...
but i spoke with someone else,, and they said i could pay off the cancelation fee in 'fifths'.. for 2 months..

so basicley i could pay 600 in 5 payments with a pan of 2 months..

i bought an iphone and i love it..
i have att service and my phone/service is way better than my tmobile was.

the question is what do i do with my lines... they suggested i could find someone to take over the line.. and maybe give them 2 phones to make it a better deal for them and me, since i wont be using my old t mobile phones...

but are there any other ways i can go about canceling without paying 600 termination fee??


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Jan 5, 2002
well i called them yesterday and told them 'we just bought a house and i get no signal'... gave them a really good story, and at the end he said that they could cancel the service and i wouldnt have to pay a fine if i provided proof,
Is it just me, or is anyone else concerned about the dishonesty of this? Where are we as a people if we are willing to lie for phone? I'm not trying to be offensive, but it does worry me.



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Apr 10, 2006
North Tonawanda, NY
so far i don't have many complaints. the only problem for me is where i work there is no reception inside at all. if i want to make a call i have to go outside away from the building like 30ft. with verizon i was able to use it in the building. it's okay though because i have a good excuse why i can't call my wife during my lunch (jk).