iPhone Video Format for Streaming

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by paulobrad, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. paulobrad macrumors regular

    Jun 30, 2007
    I've got a media server at home with some videos converted in imtoo video converter using the default iPhone settings. When I try and stream off the server it sometimes works but more often I get "error playing video".

    Any tips on what I'm doing wrong? Any tweaking of settings in the conversion format to increase the chances of them streaming OK? Or maybe something on the (linux based) media server that could be changed?

  2. Krandoth macrumors newbie

    Jul 2, 2008
    is it possible to transfer from itunes to your iphone?
    maybe you can try to play it with QT and find the info of the converted file first.

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