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Dec 9, 2011
I'm not sure if this is a known issue but I can't find anything on the web.

I'm posting this message in case it helps anyone else out.

Having taken a 30min video with my iPhone (4, iOS5) I returned home to download and convert to DVD on my MacBook. To my horror my child's Xmas play was simply not there!

The video wasn't shown on the phone nor in iPhoto when I docked the phone.

Knowing that the phone appeared to have recorded the movie I built a laptop with Linux on it (Ubuntu 11.10), as the operating system presents files in a slightly different way to OSX. Having installed iFuse, hey presto, there was the video. Linux let me drag it off to a thumb drive.

At 2.9Gb perhaps there is an issue with iOS recognising such a large file (anybody know?) but this saved me from a difficult conversation with my wife!

Hope that this may help someone...


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May 19, 2012
This happened to my iPhone yesterday. I took 3 videos of our 8 month old playing with our dog and the next day, they were gone! Totally missing. I knew I didn't delete them, so I went searching the internet for answers and came across your post. My husband is in IT and happened to have a computer with Linux on it just lying around. He followed your suggestion and we got the videos back!!! THANK YOU!!!


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Nov 29, 2011
Boston, MA
This happened to me with my entire camera roll. Of course it happened right after we went to a star wars exhibit and took a buttload of pictures. That taught me to back things up ASAP. Pics that I REALLY love get uploaded to photobucket now on the spot just in case.
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