iPhone Video Won't Play When Dock Connector Connected


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Apr 4, 2008
the 717
Here's my dillema. I've posted on this before, and have had no luck and hoping someone who knows can point me in the right direction. Here is my current setup: iPhone 3GS jailbroken 3.1.2, Alpine headunit with USB connection installed. What I am after is the ability to have any video (movie, youtube, website, etc) on my phone play the video through the phone, and the audio through the Alpine connected to my car speakers. I have found an app in Cydia that lets me disable the "device connected" screen message which allows me to control the ipod through the headunit or the iphone, but when I play video the audio plays, but it's just a blank screnn where the video should be. Am I barking up a wrong tree, is this just no possible???


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Jan 28, 2009

Has someone maybe found a way to bypass this one, I'm having the same problem.
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